My Story with DarkWeb


 Today We Will talk about The biggest Web in the world, Expect What it will be ?
yeah it is Dark Web & Deep Web

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دارك ويب


Let me introduce myself before I start telling this exciting story.


I am ''Adham'', a computer programmer, I have been working in this field for 15 years, and I have 40 years of age



I always had this trait that most of my age would not carry .. take a risk

We Are Anonymous


I was always drawn to the inventions of this era, from computers and software development, to a level I had never imagined in the past.


I was obsessed with the Internet to a great degree .. I always search for everything that is different and new .. I was very different from my period .. I used to love those childish actions that you might find ridiculous, but from my point of view this was what kept me young like traveling and going to the amusement park And experiencing what is dangerous .. I am married to my cousin Mary .. I fell madly in love with this girl and she is now pregnant with a boy .. I used to carry a lot of good qualities, but I am addicted to drugs, of course my wife does not know that, otherwise she asked that we separate!


I was not religious enough. I did not always pray at the mosque ... if there was a mosque at all!


My wife and I are Muslims, we live in New York .. And as you know, the life of Muslims there is not easy!


They always accused us of stealing and anything trivial! Until they accused us of being terrorists .. We moved to another neighborhood far from that neighborhood .. We did not get along with anyone so that no problems would arise.


I knew some background about hacker and how to protect myself from the hacker. I was not attracted to this field much and I thought it was useless.


I tried to get away from drugs a lot but to no avail.


I decided to find a new way to buy some drugs. I searched Google and did not find any results until I entered a blog on the Internet. She was talking about something called the dark web .. I delved into the subject more and was more astonished the more I read ..


I decided to search Google for more DEEP WEB until a detailed report appeared on me .. I was not certified in the existence of sites that sell drugs and unlicensed weapons!

Photo shows what is sale on Dark Web


Here is the devil whispering to me again .. but my thoughts weren't bad!


I thought I would buy some illegal drugs and weapons so that I could defend myself in case someone attacked my house.


I learned that I have to download the TOR browser to be able to browse the dark web and I watched some videos on how to buy drugs and weapons from the dark web.


Indeed, I was able to download the TOR browser and entered a lot of links that never looked like the regular links always ended with the word onion, in any case I found a lot of drug and weapons sites .. I even found a site that sells phones!


They deal in a different currency called BITCOIN, and it can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro. It was as written in the reports an electronic currency, wonderful! The Internet also became its own currency .. In any case, I was able to buy some of the drugs I carefully chose, a pistol M9 9 mm Beretta and a new phone.


The quality of those drugs was great! I bought more drugs of various kinds .. My money was constantly decreasing, but I kept some money for food and drink, and I opened an account in the bank and put in it more than 200 thousand dollars for my son's expenses, from kindergarten to university.


There became a constant interaction between me and the site and I became a well-known customer between them.


One day, I decided to delve deeper into DEEP WEB


I searched more until I found a site that sells human organs! , I kept seeing pictures that would make you vomit or urinate involuntarily .. These are monsters without a heart, and when I watched that video they were torturing a little girl without mercy at the beginning they kept electrocuting her, then they left her for two days without water or food in the end they killed that poor woman and in the end they raped That innocent body .. I cried involuntarily, and when I saw these comments, I was surprised! Here are some comments that I found below the video


- Wonderful. Well done this time .. Wait for the next video very hard


- You did a great job! I hope next time you will be a sexy woman!


Where is the rest of the family? I want to see them slaughtered badly!


- Well done


- The video was not what I wanted .. I hope the next video will be better


Caused an involuntary filthy insult .. Without introductions, I wrote in a comment:


- You bastards! God will judge you for what you have been doing, so go to Hell!


I went to drink water because my throat had dried up..While drinking the water, I heard someone talking. At first I thought that this sound was coming from the street, but when I focused more, I heard this sound from my room! Is there a thief in the house!


I said it to myself, then I took from the office the pistol that I told you about previously, and it seemed to enter the room slowly

Don’t try to go to Dark Web,It’s a dangerous!

When I entered, I did not find anyone .. Rather, I found my laptop in standby mode, so where did this sound come from, it seems that the effect of the drug is long, anyway I opened the site again to see new comments.


- Go from here, little boy,You do not know anything from masculinity


- This place is not for children like you


- The admin: Well, men, let's see if he is really a child or a man:)


The screen started to blur, then turned off to see the computer camera indicating that it was on! I tried to turn on the laptop again, but to no avail, until I began to see the mouse on the screen moving automatically without moving it .. I tried to do something but it was useless to do what I did until I decided to see what would happen. I opened a green window in the browser and saw a man full of muscles and an arm full of tattoos standing with a tattoos in front of a girl who seemed to have a 19-year-old whose body was undoubtedly sexy and on her face appeared to be panicking .. Then the man began to speak:


Did you think that changing your IP would prevent me from accessing your device? You are definitely kidding. Anyway, if you try to turn off the laptop, you will pay a high price, and now just watch.

Well guys here we have finished the first part of the story, wait for the next part, and don't forget your opinions in the comments :)

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